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leemacp's Score & Stats
Trivia Level
Level 13:
Points: 15865
All time Rank: 7
This month's Rank: 36
Intelligence: 75.65% (brilliant)
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- played 56 quizzes
- answered 556 of 735 questions correct
- member since 2009-05-17 17:40:11
- last seen on 2012-03-12 03:21:40
- created 13 quizzes
- asked 74 questions
- sent 41 messages
- received 12 messages

leemacp's Last Results
Planetz Score: 0 points
Time: 00:17.59
Questions correct: 0/3
freedom fighters Score: 0 points
Time: 00:00.00
Questions correct: 0/3
plants Score: 66 points
Time: 00:13.97
Questions correct: 4/4
Global Warming? Score: 9 points
Time: 01:51.97
Questions correct: 4/10
Internet Quiz Score: 12 points
Time: 01:20.41
Questions correct: 5/10

leemacp's Profile
Nickname: leemacp
First name:
Last name:
Date of Birth: 0000-00-00

GeneralSpecialised in:

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My Score & Stats
Level 0:
  trivia points Points: 0
  trivia rankAll time Rank: 1379
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