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AvatarDo You Display Lightworker Qualities...
 5 q by Bookof for 10 points - Free

Clock: Time bonus:   8   points

1/5:  When you see others failing or going through Negative experiences do you... (2 points)

 Laugh Inside
 Feel a bit sorry for them, but that its their problem to deal with
 Experience a compulsion to help
 Feel nothing at all
 Have no idea what this means

2/5:  When you get asked a favour from friends what is your general response... (2 points)

 I feel eager to help before I even know exactly what the favour is
 I feel irritated, I value my time and dislike giving it to others
 I feel good that they are asking, because then when I ask for something back I 'll most likely get it
 I dont care because I know I wont be doing it
 I dont have any friends

3/5:  When you choose friends is it based primarily upon... (2 points)

 What is available for me to gain from them
 I don 't care what they have I just want good company
 Whoever shares my sense of humour and view of the world
 What I see I can add to their lives and what we can learn from each other
 I don 't choose my friends they choose me

4/5:  If someone upsets you or hurts your feelings what is your attitude... (2 points)

 I don 't allow people to hurt my feelings, I 'm above that kind of mentality
 I want to hurt their feelings back
 I feel the pain but then I try to understand why they have acted in the way that they have
 I disconnect myself for people like that and don 't give them a second chance
 not sure

5/5:  Do you have thoughts and feelings that you find hard to share with others because in your experience others have had difficulty understanding you... (2 points)


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